From Fat to Fit

I was inspired to begin this project when I saw Oprah Winfrey touting her latest Weight Watchers weight-loss successes. I couldn’t help but to feel for her. Here’s one of the wealthiest and most influential women–people, even–in the world, and yet she’s struggled her whole life to not so much lose weight, but lose it AND keep it off. I wanted to write a letter to tell her I could help her because after being overweight my entire life, I embarked on a lifestyle change on January 21, 2001, and lost 145 pounds and never gained it back.

The key to successful dieting isn’t setting a goal of losing X number of pounds. Rather, it’s about making a lifestyle change that helps you to address whatever food issues are making you miserable. I’m here to help you unlearn bad habits, recognize portion sizes, and move toward living a healthier, more sustainable life.

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