Start NOW!

How to get started: Admit you’ve got food issues. I was dead convinced for the longest time that I didn’t really overeat, but I had earlier in my life, so if I could just drop those unwanted pounds, I’d be able to carry on with my life. I expect a lot of people feel this way, judging by how many people successfully lose weight only to regain it once they stop dieting.

It took me decades to realize that I wasted a lot of time thinking about or trying to lose weight, but never with any success. I once heard someone say “I lost 100 pounds: The same 10 pounds 10 times”. I finally accepted that I needed a lifestyle change. I only ever referred to it by that name to ensure this was not one more failed diet experiment.

The key to success is Planning, Planning, and More Planning. In addition to what I laid out in Pre-Planning your Lifestyle Change, Have a daily plan. Planning your day helps to minimize rash decisions. Planning the next day’s meals and snacks just after dinner is a good strategy. You’re working on a full stomach, you have a good idea about what your next day looks like, whether it’s meetings to plan around, a lunch date, or your kid’s soccer practice. Knowing what and when you intend to eat for the day increases the chances of sticking to your plan.

Once you have a plan, it’s helpful to know what to expect on your lifestyle change journey. More on that next time.

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