Air is Meant to be Inhaled, Not Food: Tip #2 for Battling the Hunger Demon

There are some key challenges you’ll face when battling the hunger demon. Yesterday, I posted Tip #1 and will post one each day over this next week.

#2 Air is meant to be inhaled, not food. We’ve heard this a million times, but it’s true. I’ve been there-I’m so hungry I practically inhale my food. I’ve coped with this in a few ways.

Eating at regular intervals is so important. Waiting too long between meals and snacks only sets up starvation, which leads to irrational, erratic eating habits. Planning what and when you will eat is really helpful.

IMG_5085 <– When I’m really hungry. Very scary!

Eat a salad with dinner every night. When I started my lifestyle change, the plan included a dinner salad. I decided to eat it as a first course, which proved really effective. I made big dinner salads (but limited myself to two servings of low-calorie dressing). Even if I rushed through the salad, I was less starving and better able to appreciate my dinner entrée when I got to it. To this day, I still start every dinner with a salad. Sometimes that’s all I need now, but I still have the entrée if I want it.

Eat unlimited non-starchy vegetables. I was used to eating so much food and feeling full all the time that I knew I needed to give my stomach something to fill it up. I was allotted a non-starchy vegetable each lunch and dinner, but never measured them. (I was also allowed to have a starchy vegetable with dinner, but never failed to portion it out.)

If I am starving hungry at any time of the day or night, I eat vegetables. Cold roasted broccoli out of the fridge is awfully good when you’re ravenous. Even if I’m in the process of making a snack or meal, but am so hungry I can hardly think, I eat vegetables while I’m doing it. I realized that if I was going to succeed in my lifestyle change, I’d have to give myself some leeway. Having as many non-starchy vegetables as I want is a very low-calorie concession, as I wrote about in Make Veggies your Best Friend.

Is there a hunger demon you’re facing and want to know how to deal with it?


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