Drop that Bag!: Battling the Hunger Demon, Tip #4

Never. Never! NEVER! eat directly from a bag or container. There are a few keys to dealing with hunger. Here is challenge and tip #4 of this series of posts. I will post the last two in the next few days.

How many times have you opened a package with the best of intentions of just having a bit of [fill in the blank], only to find yourself arm-deep into the bag 10 minutes later with crumbs stuck to your face? And the whole time you’re doing it, you’re not enjoying it anyway because of the same old self-critical script running through your head.

The worst thing you can do when you’re hungry is to eat directly from a bag of potato chips or a container of ice cream. If you do, you’re just setting yourself up for a guilt trip. You don’t want to end up like this:


Here are some ways to limit temptation:

Pre-portion anything that tempts you. During my lifestyle change I would never eat out of a full bag or container until I could portion it out. Even then, I would chew gum and do it at a time I was least tempted to cheat, like after a meal. Get a food scale and use it religiously. I’ve evolved to the point that I no longer have to pre-portion food, but to this day, I still weigh pretty much everything I eat.

Limit purchases. It’s so easy to be lured into buying a bigger size because the food industry appeals to our drive for a bargain. It might be more expensive to buy a smaller package, but think of this as an investment in your future: You’ll be buying far less food than you do now to sustain your current weight. Limit stocking whatever really tempts you to only what you’ll need until your next trip to the store.

Just don’t buy it. Recognize your trigger foods. For the longest time, I couldn’t be in the same room with a bag of potato chips. I couldn’t trust myself to open a bag and not finish it. This was one food I had to be really careful around, so I just didn’t buy it. If I caved to the urge, I planned it in as a snack and bought the smallest possible bag. Honestly, it was easier just to not eat them than have to be satisfied with a little bit, so I rarely indulged. Knowing what your Achilles’ heel is when it comes to your lifestyle change will minimize the possibility that it’ll undermine your efforts.


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