1 Month and Going Strong

Celebrating 1 month of my new blog!

I’ve now been blogging for one month and have just loved doing it. I’m so grateful for all of the useful and encouraging feedback you’ve offered. In appreciatation, I wish I could buy everyone a pot of Eco Lips Scrub. But since I can’t, I’ll rave about how well it works, how affordable it is, and why you should check it out.





I came across it when I was ordering some stuff at Vitacost and decided to treat myself to the mint variety. Of course I was excited to check it out when it arrived, so I exfoliated my lips that night. It felt really good and I love the smell. The next time I used it was after I was traveling. My lips were really dry, but I was reluctant to exfoliate them, thinking it might make them even worse. But I was desperate, so I did it. Am I ever glad that I did! The next morning, my lips felt so much better. I was converted to be a true Eco Lips exfoliating lip balm believer. You don’t need much, so even though it’s a bit pricey, it’ll last a long time. Plus, mint acts as an appetite suppressant, so I’ll help you stick to your lifestyle plan.

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