Detox Salad Recipe

One morning last spring I was in Whole Foods and happened to see a clam shell with shredded salad. What intrigued me most was that one of the ingredients was Brussels sprouts. If you’ve come across one of the very first recipes I posted, The Amazing Brussels Sprout, you know of my passion for these tiny cabbages. What piqued my interest was that it never occurred to me to eat raw Brussels before I discovered this ‘Detox Salad’, as the label read. What makes it a detoxifier? Beats me, but I bought it.

The time was running a bit late and I knew my spouse, Michael, was having leftovers for lunch, so I thought about what I could quickly throw into this salad mix to round it out as a lunch for me. I ended up liking it so much, and it was so different than the salads I usually eat, that I started making the Detox Salad mix at home. This makes the dogs very happy because they LOVE cabbage hearts, the ends and leaves, that fall off of the Brussels, and carrot ends and peels. (They don’t share my passion for raw beets, but they love them roasted!)

Most often, I use this Detox Salad base to make the recipe below, but I have also just mixed a vinaigrette with it and served it more like a slaw. One time, I even used it as the base to make cole slaw, which also turned out really well. Michael absolutely hates cooked Brussels sprouts, but much to his amazement, he actually likes these salads. Score one for team veggie!

The salad base stays fresh for about a week, so I make enough for four lunches. I’ve practically lived on this, trading off with homemade vegetable soup, ever since I came across it. And since the dog days of summer seem to have hung on into autumn, it’s not too late to try it out.

Detox Salad Recipe

To make the salad base:

  • 7 oz. thinly rough cut cabbage (green and/or red)
  • 4 medium Brussels sprouts, ends removed and thinly sliced long-wise
  • 1 medium red beet, peeled and grated
  • 1 medium carrot, peeled and grated
Fits perfectly into an Asian noodle bowl.

Fits perfectly into an Asian noodle bowl.

To make an individual salad, in a small mixing bowl, add and mix:

  • 3-3.5 oz. Salad base
  • 1 t. Flax seed
  • 1 T. Sunflower seeds
  • 2 T. Almond slices (or slivers)
  • 1 t. Chia seed
  • 2 T. Annie’s Goddess dressing

Add into above and stir gently:

  • 1 medium Roma tomato, diced
  • ¼ medium avocado, cubed

Serves: 4
Prep time: 15 minutes to make salad base; 10 to prepare salad
Accommodates: Omnivores, Vegetarians, Vegans, low-carbohydrate, keto, paleo and gluten-free regimens
Nutritional info: 425 calories, 7 gr. net carbohydrates, 37 gr. fat, 12.5 gr. protein




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