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About Me
Hi, I’m Kimberly. For as long as I can remember, I have loved food. But also for as long as I can remember, I was fat. Very fat. And everyone let me know it- from my grandmothers to my classmates to total strangers. It was no way to live.

On January 21, 2001, I decided to change my life. I was in graduate school, earning a PhD in Political Science when I decided to change my lifestyle. As a social scientist, I tend to go about things in a very methodical way. When I set up a plan, as I discuss in Pre-Planning your Lifestyle Change, I was adamant that this was not going to be another diet, since that approach had always failed me, but instead a lifestyle change.

I realized that if I were going to succeed this time, I had to identify what changes I needed to make in my life, work on addressing them, and find a long-term sustainable way to implement them. So I Chose a Plan, and got Started NOW!.

In 15 months, I successfully shed 150 pounds, which was great! But when I reached this healthier weight, I lived in fear that I’d regain it. I soon realized two things:

  1. This time was different. I had successfully addressed the food issues that caused me to relapsing back to that yo-yo cycle.
  2. I’d made a lifestyle change, but I wasn’t finished with my food education journey.

About My Blog
So here I am, 15 years later, just now deciding to share my lifestyle change experiences. I decided to start this blog because I see so many people struggling with the issues I overcame and would like them to benefit from my experience. And since my lifestyle change isn’t just limited to addressing food issues to lose weight, but continuing to pursue a healthier lifestyle, anyone who wants a food education and who wants to opt for healthier recipes will find my blog helpful.

Addressing Food Issues
Let’s face it, if losing weight—and keeping it off—were easy, no one would be fat. I mean, why would they be? It’s no fun. But with everyone from the government to the media conspiring against us, it’s no wonder more people than ever are carrying around extra pounds.

Fast forward to a 2016 Superbowl ad where I saw Oprah Winfrey gushing over how Weight Watchers helped her lose 26 pounds. How sad, I thought, that here was one of the most successful women in history, with access to the best people, technology, and innovations, yet she still struggles to not just lose weight, but maintain a healthy weight. Her struggles inspired me to share how I not only lost, but have managed to keep off all that weight that was dragging me down.

My blog page is set up with around three themes: Strategies, Recipes, and My Food Education.

In the Strategies section of the blog, you’ll find posts that offer advice based on my experiences with losing weight and keeping it off. Most of the diet plans out there want to keep us roped in for life, so they’re better at helping dieters lose weight than offering ways to manage weight loss. I explain how I used a commercial diet plan to get started, adapted it to eat ‘real’ food, the challenges I faced, and the strategies I adopted to overcome the many hurdles along the way.

But this section isn’t just for people looking to lose weight. I also post strategies for people who are happy with their weight, like I am now, but just want to feel better and move more. And as a social scientist, I’m keen to check out the latest stories on health and nutrition to verify whether they’re based on rigorous research or just junk science.

This section of the blog offers three things for the price of one:

  1. Recipes I rely on to maintain a healthier lifestyle
  2. Introducing you to some really awesome, readily available foods that you might not know are out there
  3. How to keep your sanity when you’re cooking for people who don’t eat the same things. I choose a plant-based diet, but my spouse includes poultry, fish, and some dairy in his diet. I’ll offer tips on how I manage to cook for both of us in the most efficient way possible.

Getting a Food Education
In the My Food Education section of the blog, I talk about the changes that have transformed my lifestyle since I began in 2001. I’ve gone through four major changes:

  1. Adopting a low-fat regimen
  2. Kicking the refined stuff out of my diet
  3. Moving to a plant-based diet
  4. Learning that fat is not the enemy.

In each of these sections, I offer what I learned about each type of dietary regimen, as well as information about the basic science behind calories and nutrients.

I hope you’ll join me and embark on your own personal lifestyle change for healthier living. I’m happy to help in any way I can, so please leave comments or email me at cantquitfood@gmail.com.